Time To Register for Swimming Lessons!

Posted by on April 5, 2014

Dear Parents and Students,

I am currently taking registration for Summer 2014 Swimming Lessons!  You can download the registration form by clicking on the link below

Gail Oliver¹s Swim Class Registration Form 2014

I am healing nicely from my surgery and I am really looking forward to lessons this summer!  We will all be Swimming Like Fish!

I can’t wait!!!! :)


Gail Oliver

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><> Time To Register <><

Posted by on April 14, 2013

Spring is here!  Is everyone as excited as I am about the warmer weather?!  This is the perfect time for all of us to get ready my favorite time of year… summer!

When I think about summer I think about YOU – and seeing you for swimming lessons.  It’s time to call and get registered, if you haven’t done it already. I have classes lined up (with some space still available) for all ages and stages of swimming.
It will be great to hear from you!  :)


Mrs. Oliver

Gail Oliver¹s Swim Class Registration Form 2013 

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Summer Swim

Posted by on May 15, 2012

Hey there parents!  It has been a long time since my last post.  But, I’m back and super excited swimming season is just around the corner – and, swim lessons too!

I hope you have been preparing your child for his swimming lessons.  We still have time before school is out for the summer and swim classes begin.  :)  If this is your child’s first time for lessons – don’t forget to practice bubble blowing, floating, and submerging their faces in the water (eyes, too) while taking their bath.  Please check out my other posts for suggestions and ways to help prepare them.

Even if your child has taken lessons in the past he might need to practice those skills again.  One of the first steps in learning to swim is adjusting to the feel of the water and submerging.  Children aren’t the only ones who need to adjust to this feeling.  Many adults who cannot swim are afraid to submerge.  So remember to play games with them, make it a fun activity as you explore that in the bathtub, and practice.  “Practice makes perfect” as we have all heard and it is true especially about the skill of learning to swim.

It is very common for your child to have forgotten what he learned from last summer.  So, do not be surprised if this happens the first time you take him to the pool this year.  Be sure you are close at hand IN the shallow end of the pool to review what he learned last year!!  :)

Remember that your support, encouragement, and calm attitude about his swimming lessons will help him or her more than anything.  You never want to say, “I know this is scary and you don’t like it but it will be over soon”.  Just PUT ON A BIG SMILE (even if you are a bit nervous for him, too) and say, “It will be FUN, it’s IMPORTANT to learn to swim, and you will do a GREAT job.”

I promise to post more about our lessons in a few days.  If you have questions please don’t hesitate to post those, send Facebook messages, or call me at 478-363-1012.

Thank you so much and I will see you soon!  :)

Swim like fish,


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Floating Fish

Posted by on October 13, 2011


Hey everyone!   I don’t know about you – but I always forget how much I love FALL until she is here with all these amazing colors and temperatures!  I trust it has been as perfect for you as it has for me!

Hope that all of you – especially you parents and grandparents – have been working with your little fish in the tub, shower, and sink!  I promise you will be AMAZED how much this “pre-lesson preparation” will help your child when fall, winter, and spring have made way for next year’s summer swim classes. :)  We both know how quickly time flies. :(

Now I’d like to have you help your little ones with one of the most difficult AND IMPORTANT skills for the young child (or anyone) to learn in the water – THE BACK FLOAT.  I have discovered over the course of teaching swimming for 53 years that this is one of the most difficult things for most children and adults to master.  Why?  I believe it is because of two things: 1.  Lying on our back makes us feel vulnerable (and especially in the water even if we are supported) and 2.  It takes time to trust the feeling of water buoyancy.

This is another thing that is so much easier for your child to learn in the tub!!!  If YOU are in the tub with your child that is the most perfect scenario.  Take advantage of each time this might happen and have your child lie on his back between your legs supported by your legs on either side.  As your child becomes more comfortable with this you can place your hands under his head and shoulders and move him away from you.  (I know this will be a little tricky unless you have a large garden tub and lots of space!)  Take it easy – you might try singing “we’re floating in the tub”  - and try not to rush any new skill.  Rushing or pushing too hard to have your child accomplish a new water skill will only result in it taking much longer for him to learn the skill.

Now – you are probably saying – “Gail, I don’t get IN the tub with my child or grandchild. !!!  Can I still help him with learning the back float?”  YES you can – no doubt about it!!

If your child is not old enough to sit alone one of the things you can do is take a few extra moments before you take him out of his bath water and, while you are holding him in your hands, just gently place him down on his back in the water, give him a great big smile, and take him out for toweling and diapering.  If you do this each and every bath he will become accustomed to lying back in the water.

If your child IS sitting alone and has not been on his back in the water this may take some time and patience.  If he is old enough to understand you can talk to him about how much fun it is to pretend you are “taking a nap” in the water.  You could even have him add a “snore”.  Just make sure the water is not too deep so his face does not submerge and he doesn’t swallow water.  Always remember that game playing is the best way to teach anything to children.

No matter how old –  your child or grandchild can practice this skill.  Floating is SO much fun – but more than this – it can SAVE YOUR CHILD’S LIFE – and the sooner he learns how to do it THE BETTER.

So, let’s make this a goal this fall – we’ll teach our little (and big) fish to float (or at least be comfortable on our backs in the bath).

I hope you enjoy every single moment of this amazing Fall and until my next blog – remember . . .

Let’s all “Swim Like Fish”


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Safe Fish

Posted by on September 30, 2011

I know all of you have to be loving this Fall weather as much as I am!!!  Even though it has been too cool for SWIMMING in our backyard pools this is the PERFECT SEASON for neighborhood barbeques and picnics with the pool as a backdrop.  Just remember parents, grandparents, and anyone who has young children – ALL ACTIVITIES around the water must be CONSTANTLY SUPERVISED.

Drowning ranks as the second most prominent cause of accidental death in the nation for children under the age of 5.  In Texas, California, Arizona, and Florida, more children 5 years old and younger die in backyard swimming pools than from any other accident.  So, we can’t be too careful.  Be sure that you are constantly watching your child or grandchild around any kind of water whether it be the pool, a pond, or the lake.  Nothing is more inviting to a young child than to see a cute little duck swimming on the lake and to have him or her wander down to check it out without your knowledge.

On a happier note let talk about some more teaching tips and tricks you can be working on ANYTIME you are at a backyard pool party with your children.  Children of any age (even us old fish) love games!!!  Play the game of “How do I Know”?  “How do I know which is the DEEP END OF THE POOL?”  (the one with the diving board or without the steps if there is no board).   “What would I do if someone fell in the POOL WHO COULDN’T SWIM”??  (First you must go tell a grownup then – remember to teach your children – THROW but NEVER go!!!  In other words be working with your child on identifying things that will FLOAT that can be THROWN to the person who has fallen in the pool .  Here is another tip for your swimming pool homeowners – please purchase an approved safety ring and keep it in a prominent place in case of an emergency .  We all know it’s better to be SAFE THAN SORRY).

If your home, party, or picnic is on the lake rather than the pool you have a much different set of issues and we will discuss that in another blog.  It’s amazing living and playing in and around the lake but also extremely scary when it comes to keeping our young ones safe.

Just one last footnote to my blog today: at my summer swimming lessons I devote time each day to practicing and discussing WATER SAFETY ISSUES.  When we return to warmer days this is something you as parents and grandparents can do – PRACTICE safety each time your child swims.  Pretend you have fallen into the water and have your child practice how to help you. You never know when your child might have the opportunity to save someone else’s life!   There is nothing more important for our little fish to learn than to BE SAFE and EDUCATED in and around the water.


And Let’s All – Swim like Fish!


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Blowing Bubbles

Posted by on September 21, 2011

I am SO excited about the things we can do to prepare our little “fish” for next year’s swimming season! There are many things you can do even before the first swimming lesson to prepare your child for his or her first aquatic experience no matter how young your child may be. :)

I hope all of you parents (and GRANDPARENTS) have been able to have some fun with your little ones in the tub or sink as you enjoy bath time together as we discussed in our last blog.  Just remember that what you say, do, and even your facial expressions will influence your child’s attitude about any new activity!!!

Depending on his or her age and ability begin talking to your child about swimming lessons – and no better time or place than bath time.  Take your child into the bath or shower with you.  Dribble water on each other in a non-threatening manner with a sponge and sing, “It’s raining, it’s pouring”.  This will be an activity they will LOVE and look forward to experiencing with you!

Blowing bubbles is a skill you can introduce in the tub.  It is a necessary skill to be a successful swimmer and is important when they begin rhythmic breathing and swimming strokes.

First, begin by showing your child how to blow and pretend he or she is “blowing out their birthday candles”, or blowing bubbles with a wand.  After you know they understand the concept of blowing OUT air – show them how to blow the WATER by placing your mouth just above the water and make the water move. Then demonstrate how to place their mouth down IN the water and blow.  If you will make a humming noise as you expel air bubbles under the water you can explain you are sounding like, “a motorboat”.  Depending on your child’s age bubble blowing may take some time and practice for them.  Children love to imitate their parents! (which is a scary thought isn’t it??? – haha) so having you demonstrate the skill will help tremendously.

I promise you these are TRIED AND TRUE tricks and tips.  It is so much easier and less threatening to learn and practice these skills in the comfort of a warm tub than learning them in the “BIG WATER” (or pool).  Next summer will be a breeze at our swim lesson!

I’d love to hear your feedback about what your child or grandchild has learned – so don’t hesitate to send me a message and we can discuss their progress.  Please let me know if you have questions or concerns!

And let’s all – “Swim Like Fish”!


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Fall Fish

Posted by on September 15, 2011

Hey there all you parents of young children!  This entry is for you – and even for you grandparents who might have the opportunity to help your little ones learn to swim!!  Now that fall is almost here and we have bid farewell to the official swimming season you might wonder, “Is there ANYTHING I can do now to help PREPARE my child or grandchild to enjoy swimming, water sports, and to learn from the beginning about being safe in and around the water????”  The answer is a huge, “YES”.

BATH TIME is (or should be) one of your little ones most fun and relaxing moments of his or her day.  The water should the perfect temperature for your child to play, relax, and have fun splashing unrestricted by diapers or clothing.  You can take advantage of this to create special moments by letting your child realize how FUN and FABULOUS the water can feel.  Laugh with your little one as he plays and explores this experience!  Be sure you continue to keep the water temperature comfortable and don’t let bath time be rushed and hurried.  This is their FIRST INTRODUCTION to the art of swimming.

Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity of getting water in your child’s eyes when you wash and rinse their hair (of course you will be using a non-tear shampoo).  Let your child see you smile (even if you feel a little apprehensive) as you gently pour the warm water over their head.  Since we humans AREN’T fish – having water in our eyes is something with which we have to BECOME comfortable.  You can help accomplish this from the time your baby has his or her very first bath.

Happy bath time – whether it be your kitchen sink (one of my favorite places for as long as they can fit – haha) or a huge garden tub!!

Let’s all – “Swim Like Fish”,


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Posted by on September 2, 2011

This is a website for Gail Oliver, a long time swimming instructor, with information about her classes and with tips for parents with young children who are learning to swim.  I hope you will enjoy!

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